Hi I’m Paula Willhite, CEO of the I_VIBE program for girls. I started this program
because years ago while in college I helped a friend of mine teach a Charm School she
designed for Sears. I really enjoyed it back then and loved to see the young girls transform
themselves within the few weeks we had them. After being a successful real estate broker, I
wanted to find some way of giving back to the communities that I’ve served and I believe I_VIBE
could be that vehicle. I’ve always had a love for young girls, after all I have raised two
daughter’s of my own. I love connecting with them and learn from them as well.

I feel today’s world is so rushed, and some of these young girls parents are working 2 jobs just
to keep food on the table. Some have only one parent, some live with grandparents and some
have little or no time to teach some of the things that go into our program. Maybe some parents
just don’t know themselves. All I know is I see a need. We have so many bright young ladies out
there and I feel with a little more information, some extra tools, and motivation these women can
become bright leaders in our communities. We have so many issues plaguing our community be
in self-hatred, poor body image, lack of social justice, mental health, homelessness, bullying to
name a few, so it is important to do our part to help combat some of these issues. I believe in
the “GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN”. I_VIBE is my fit in.

My hope is to create a huge “Sisterhood” sorority type environment. Where we can reach out to
other women and celebrate each other, by complimenting, extending a little help and
encouragement, so we may build each other up and rise together with “UNITY”. Sure we all
have our struggles, but with a little determination and one young girl at a time may we be
“STRONGER” more than ever. I believe we must learn this to move forward…………………