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Prentice Wysingle IV


Position: Agent  

Location:  Sacramento, Ca

Being that Prentice's parents were the first in his family to own their own home. It was life changing. It changed his family. The magnitude of this moment isn't just the case for his family, but he believes all family have or should experience the same thing.

Growing up he kept hearing the term "legacy" often, not knowing what it really meant. He knew the definition, but I didn't understand truly what it meant. Becoming a father of twins in 2013 changed that.

What the word legacy means to him is "something that is passed on to you or your family from you or your family, including reputation and principles".


As a Real Estate Agent, his primary focus is on the people and families he will be able to impact. Prentice wants to help build those legacies. A home is where memories are made, where love grows, where kids grow up, and where principles are built. Buying or moving isn’t just a transition to Prentice, it’s a new page in your family’s story…and we want to be a part of that. 

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