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6 steps of buying a home

Set a budget and Start a Housing Fund

Buying a home can be a scary thing at first. If you follow our steps it will be a breeze.  

Check Your Credit Reports & Scores

This is another critical step when buying a house, and it's something you should start doing today. Your credit score can make or break your chances of getting a mortgage loan.

Choose the Best Type of Loan

FHA. Conventional. ARM. Fixed-rate.

Get Pre-Approved by a Mortgage Lender

Mortgage pre-approval is the next logical step to buying a home.

Find a Real Estate Agent

Is this your first time buying a home? Will you be purchasing a home in a city that's new to you?  

Start Shopping for a Home

This is what you've been waiting for! For most people, this is the most exciting step to buying a home.

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