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5 Good Reasons Why You Would Want To Purchase Your Own Home!

  • If you are are renting: You are throwing your money away each month!

  • You are building NO equity (money you make when property values go up)

  • You have NO TAX ADVANTAGES: Throwing more money away

  • Your home can be PERSONALIZED without penalty!

  • You are paying for someone else's benefit not yours


Are you financially ready to purchase your new home? 

  • Have you maxed out your credit?

  • Have you bounced checks?

  • No money saved? 

  • Low credit scores 580 below 

  • 30 day late on credit report? 


You are not ready!! 

  • Great credit shows a history of paying bills on time

  • Been on your job more than 2 years or if you were school and graduated, entered the job force in the field you received your degree in you may be ready

  • Money saved in the bank (Seasoned funds) not barbecue seasoning 

  • Credit score 580 and up preferably 620 and up 

You may be ready to purchase that house!

Once you have checked these few items: Find a reputable lender 

  • Banks

  • Credit Unitons 

  • Mortgage companies 

If you don't want know where to look, ask someone who has purchased a home if they know of someone they can recommend or check with PWA Real Estate Team Inc.) to recommend a good lender. Tell them you want to know if you are in the position to purchase your first home. 

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